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From the beginning we made a commitment to set this clinic apart for the honor and glory of God. We are so grateful that God has continued to bless us and provide for us. One of our most treasured resources is our faithful and dedicated prayer warriors.


Aside from a very small management team, we are fully staffed by volunteers. The love and support of our volunteers make it possible for us to open our doors every day.

Here are some quick descriptions about the many ways you can serve.

  • Licensed Professionals: Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Counselors, X-ray Technicians.

  • Administrative Support: Assists the front desk as needed.

  • Screener: Reviews paperwork and interviews patients regarding eligibility.

  • Data entry: Enters patient information and data into our database.

  • Medical Records: Maintains and records patient charts.

  • Interpreter: Interprets for patient care.

  • Security: Monitors activity during designated clinic times to ensure safety is maintained.

  • Pharmacy Clerk: Works at the pharmacy window to give patients their prescriptions.

  • Cleaning: Our clinic is cleaned by volunteer teams that rotate through on a monthly basis.

  • Grounds Keeping: Ensures the upkeep of the grounds by performing seasonal duties such as mowing, weeding, raking, ect.

  • Mail Out Team: Assists in processing monthly mail outs.

  • Special Projects: Assists with various ongoing projects in the clinic.

The Title VII Exemption for Employment

Taylors Free Medical Clinic (TFMC) is a faith- based religious organization committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through provision of medical care and evangelism.  Consistent with our charitable purpose to share the Christian Faith, a requirement for employment (or volunteering) at TFMC is affirmation and adherence to our Christian Statement of Faith.  Our statement of faith prerequisite for employment (and volunteering) is based upon federal law set forth in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. Section 200e.

Please click the button below to review our Statement of Faith.

Ready to serve?

To get started, download one of the packets below. All licensed professionals should complete the Provider Packet. All other volunteers should complete the General Volunteer Packet. Once you have provided the necessary information, email the packet to our Volunteer Coordinator or mail to the clinic’s address.